Why is Persecution of Christians Acceptable?


This article makes several good points and I would agree with the author. It is acceptable to ridicule Christianity and Christians more than any other group. Why is that the case? And when is it going to stop?

[quote]There is nothing unusual about the persecution of Iraqi Christians, or the unwillingness of other Christians to help them. Rising nationalism and fundamentalism around the world have meant that Christianity is going back to its roots as the religion of the persecuted. [b]There are now more than 300 million Christians who are either threatened with violence or legally discriminated against simply because of their faith


Well Fred, those pesky christians with their crusades, inquisitions, and general… my god is better than yours… have had it coming for a long time. What goes around comes around perhaps…

No… it’s really that those religious right would like to enshrine their beliefs into our laws and stop us from being secular. Damn… ( did I blaspheme? ) if they had their way they would have their own version of Sharia laws, and put Larry Flynt back in jail again.


Of course you’re putting forth a ridiculous proposition as usual (and you know it), but if one were to assume it were true, perhaps the answer to your question might be. . .

What goes around comes around.


If by persecution you mean “not forcing everyone to say the pledge of allegiance”, “not putting the ten commandments on every courthouse building”, or “not allowing us to burn heretics.” I’m with you 100% on this issue.
[I’m so bored. I actually took the bait!]


I am so happy to hear that MT now believes that everyone should commit terrorist attacks against Muslims since “what goes around comes around” and that we can invade all the Muslim nations of North Africa and the Levant to kill or forcibly convert all the Muslims since “what goes around comes around” and that since he has written such an incredibly stupid and insensitive post that he in turn will be plagued by similar posters in the future. Gauging the reaction here, I see that the author was right. Political correctness only goes to certain groups. It is open season on Christians. Interesting? Why is that? Did any of the Christians living today kill anyone in inquisitions and/or crusades? Were religious intolerance and war against others only Christian traits? Very very curious. But perhaps if I read up again how handsome, charming, intelligent, passionate, young, dedicated etc. communists like Che Guevara were I will be able to understand this inconsistency. Perhaps?


Senor Smith -
Your post has far drawn the expected response. Perhaps other members will chime on with their opines.
The free ticket on bashing Christians goes hand-in-hand with the pass usually granted to the anti-USA bashers. The are usually different sides of the same card.
Interesting though the hatred and vitriol that spews forth so quickly and unashamedly.

Maybe…[color=red]“The Devil made them do it!”[/color]

(paraphrase of a comedic punch line made famous by Flip Wilson)


[quote=“Richardm”]If by persecution you mean “not forcing everyone to say the pledge of allegiance”, “not putting the ten commandments on every courthouse building”, or “not allowing us to burn heretics.” I’m with you 100% on this issue.[/quote]Maybe he’s refering to the right to say “God bless America” while bombing people ?

[quote=“Fred Smith’s thingy”]But from China, North Korea and Malaysia, through India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, they are subjected to legalised discrimination, violence, imprisonment, relocation and forced conversion.[/quote]Is there anyone they don’t persecute ?

[quote]The trouble is that the trendies who normally champion human rights seem to think persecution is fine, so long as it


The answer is obvious Fred, they keep turning their damned cheeks and waiting for the next swipe. It’s fun, pure and simple.

Trust you to try and make a simple sport a political issue.



Some christian have been known to hold their own individual inquisitions… what do they call it … oh yeah, casting out demons… for those unbelievers and infidels…

Your on a crusader all the time there FS… thats what we like about you… you never surrender to the other pleasures of life, except when I’ve found you by the door of Carnegies on meat market nights lol :smiley: :smiley:


How exactly was the US bombing of Serbia bad for Muslims? Until that bombing occurred hundreds of thousands of Muslims were being killed in Serbia and had the potential later for the same in Kosovo. Millions of people were killed in Saddam’s wars and later by his goons in Iraq. The mullahs have killed millions in Iran. So I do not really see that “Christian” bombs in this case are any worse than the Christian bombs in WWII. I just wanted to test this out and I once again have my answer. 300 million Christians are persecuted, murdered, forced to convert and we can see the flippant, disinterested, insulting reponse from many posters on the left. I will let their words stand as they are and let the other posters judge the moral inconsistency and double standard that exist.


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As an Isolationist, I will cry for you Argentina, but I hope the US doesn’t send troops out to free all the Christians in the world.


I believe people of all religions and no religion should be persecuted equally.


So it is acceptable to persecute Christians because of US foreign policy when none of the Christians involved is American?

Second, it is acceptable to impose collective guilt on Christians even though America is a country of religious freedom with decisions made not by presidents because they are Christian but because they are American?

Third, not necessary to bomb all countries but I think that we should be looking at human rights. I thought that was what the left claimed to care about right?

So we have seen as the author mentioned not only a complete lack of concern when suffering Christians are involved but dare I say a smirking bemusement, a flippant disregard that one would have trouble imagining if another group (say tsunami victims) were involved? This is not 120,000 to 200,000 but 300 million. Interesting? Perhaps but I think it is pretty f***ing sad.


[quote=“fred smith”]
Third, not necessary to bomb all countries but I think that we should be looking at human rights. I thought that was what the left claimed to care about right? [/quote]
So, Tainan Cowboy was right. It is Bush’s fault. Unless the left has taken control of American foriegn policy.


Yes, and where were their fellow muslim brothers in the Arabic and asian worlds? Nowhere to be seen or heeard from… Muslims don’t give a shit about each other unless they are of the same race… it’s not racism but it’s too bad you not an arab.

Never be rude to an arab…


20 percent of Egypt (all Arab) is Christian. It used to be a majority in Lebanon and a great percentage of Palestine was as well. Not anymore in the latter two. Why? Persecution. Back to you. Why is it acceptable? Where is the UN? the outrage? UN resolutions? No war protesters? Peace activists? Curious. Very very curious.


Why do you care Fred – you, our forum’s own Josef Mengele, the “humane torturer,” the angel of death – why do you care about alleged persecution of anyone? When did you grow a heart? And have you forgotten about the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Holocaust, etc.? Don’t those count as persecution by Christians or were they justifiable due to some neocon logic that normal people cannot understand?


The Crusades my dear friend were to recover territory lost to the Muslim invasions. You cannot criticize them without going back to the first invasion that resulted in them being “lost.”

So want to compare the deaths under the Inquisition with those throughout history by your communist “friends.” I would be happy to do so.

Finally, I do constantly berate the Germans and Germany for the Holocaust. I am glad that you have brought it up and that you agree that Germany is a nation that has a special responsibility to behave with great circumspection. No arguments from me there.

Oh so you have a heart do you? Why just because you “feel” things and believe that your feelings enable you to act to further your feelings? Why not be consistent for once in your life and realize that if 300 million Muslims were in any way nay even if 30 Muslims were in any way being abused much less killed in America, you would be having an absolute field day. I find any reference to morality on your part laughable. Go back to reading and justifying Che Guevera.

I hope that I have not hurt your feelings by saying this.

Let me also cfm two things:

Are you supporting the position of “collective guilt?”

Same for historical “guilt?”

ARE YOU SURE you want to say this?


Persecuting Christians for being Christian is doing them a big favour, really. :wink:

Matthew 5, v. 10:
Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5, v. 11:
Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.