Where is the best place to buy a syringe and two magnets?


Where is the best place to by a thin syringe and two tiny magnets? Just curious your opinion


You can buy syringes at any pharmacy. Usually the magnets can be found at those stores that sell everything, a bit like stationary stores but also sell a bunch of random things.

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Plotting a jailbreak, or building a device to communicate with your home planet?


Stationery stores tend to carry magnets too, for DIY crafts and school projects. Look for any sign saying 文具.


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Unrelated, I got a mild case of cauliflower ear. The magnets are for compression


Little hardware stores 五金百貨 have everything, maybe not syringes.

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Thanks for your response


I just went to the ENT instead. I felt lazy


Back of Taipei main station, around Taiyuan rd and places like that (where the Taipei underground mall is) are a bunch of container shop and lab supply places. they sell syringes, and the hardware store on Taiyuan st. sells magnets.

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I have a few ‘Hello Kitty’ magnets, want some?

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