Sexual allegations -- political aspects


So far the only damage control method that’s worked is to just ignore all allegations, including rape and sexual assault, except to have your wife label your accusers “bimbos” and to have the right political resume. You’re pretty much bullet- proof then because everybody else will be so busy denying the accusations for you that no one will even notice that you yourself have never actually denied any of them.

Kevin Spacey Came Out

Melania used the B word in public? I missed that. :idunno:


Alabama Senate GOP hopeful and part-time child molestor Roy Moore just blamed everything on “fake news” and the “lib’rul media.” Before he went back to cruising local middle-schools.



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Billy Carter?

Dear Lord, where does it end???!!!

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First it was fake news. Then it was false accusers. Then it was “Joseph was older than Mary!” (not going to go into the other issue that argument completely ignores) Then it was “Kennedy did it to a 19 year old!”

It will not stop. It will just keep getting hilarious, until he wins by a landslide. Its Alabama, after all. I think the only thing that has made him “dip” in the polls there is that she wasn’t related to him.


There’s no stopping the B train!


This article was making the rounds in my feed from several sources.


And it is an old problem


Oh look, it’s not just about Christianity!

I wonder if this topic is open for discussion, or if by mentioning non-Christian followers it will become absolutely haram and get removed :thinking:


Not that many non Christian followers in Alabama. We are talking about that specific case of a US senator being elected to office with such allegations against him and why he is still gathering support.

In those cases you mention, teh principle stands: religiouis authority getting away with stuff and people backing him up because of a distorted belief in a higher power.

And on the issue of children:


The cases I mentioned were people who were spending all their time teaching their moral standards to kids in schools and churches, for God only knows how many years, so I wouldn’t dismiss them just because they didn’t happen to a public figure in the US.


I guess that is why the alt right hates Obama. No history of sexually predatory behavior. It goes against what they apparently stand for.

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One is in prison. The other, running for the US senate. Am I sensing a double standard?


So imagine the damage of the same loonies armed with rightgeousness and a satellite network.

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Sure! If you could point out precisely the time & space combination in which I defend the actions of the american dude, you’d be perfectly entitled to accuse ne of applying double standards.
Otherwise…better luck next time, mah dude!


You’re a politically inclined dude. Who do you hope wins in the Alabama Senate race?

The Democrat or the pedophile?


I thought there were 2 candidates ?_?


Honestly have no idea about the whole issue, I don’t live in the US and I’m not 'murican either, so I don’t really follow local (for them) elections. If he’s guilty of molesting children, then he should be in jail and his place should be taken over by a different candidate. If I had to choose between an Age-of-Hillary Democrat and a pedophile, I’d probably not vote.


Point being your brought Islam into a discussion that has not been about it. If his opponent was Muslim, then your argument has merit. Otherwise, it has nothing.


Okay, fair enough. I thought you were a ‘Murican, since you’re so into Trump. Where are you from then?