Ohhhhhh bikes 🚲!


I recently moved to a smaller city in eastern Taiwan and outside my apartment building are stacks and stacks of o-bikes. I started grabbing them and using them to bip to PX mart and back instead of driving (I’m saving the planet). This old man claims he owns all of the o-bikes , but said it was okay that I ride them, up until yesterday when I saw him kicking the shit out of a stray dog and I got up in his face and embarrassed him in front of his old man crew.

The dude can’t own the obikes right? They are just abandoned, broken bikes that he’s stealing/collecting for whatever reason. I’m not going to stop fighting with this dude, but i will stop using his bikes if it is in fact against the law.

What’s the deal with abandoned obikes now? Who legally owns them? Can anyone use them?


The parent company is bankrupt in Singapore.
He couldn’t have owned them.
But just make sure he’s not the local honcho there.

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What’s the deal with them now? I haven’t been to Taipei in a long time, are there heaps of abandoned obikes everywhere?


Abandoned Obikes are everywhere in Yilan. If you ever get stranded between Yilan city and the coast, I know the locations of a few bikes left to rust by some rice fields.


Yes, they’re floating in large piles in Lake Taipei. Under the breeze of summer winds, they gather along the shores of Linkou Beach.

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Yeah, I’ve seen rusted/broken obikes everywhere. They are okay to use? Nobody owns them?


Are they all unlocked now?


I have no idea, they’re just…there?

They’re in shit conditions, everyone can share them but they don’t work, it’s the ultimate commie utopia.


I guess so, I don’t need to use the app or anything. They are all super rusted and in pretty shitty shape.


I was thinking this :thinking:


He was there first, he found them, he owns them.

It is the same ownership claim as Taiwanese have for the parking lot in front of their house that is part of the public road.


Yeah, I’d be careful about stuff like this until you get a better lay of the land.

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That’s true, i’m new to the area. I think this dude is pretty harmless. My old man tai-ke danger detector didn’t go off.

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Or public land they claim!

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Stay out of my 菜園!


Interesting. I’ve spotted a couple of decent looking ones in parks near my apartment. If they are all unlocked now I’m going to claim one to use for Liquor Runs.

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Capitalization of L and R is intentional, because like Mr. Lahey I AM THE LIQUOR

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Mate, are you inebriated?


That’s a big word for a lush.