'member berries for the conspiracy set


Mods please feel free to move this as I couldn’t find a ‘moronic’ forum or a ‘dumb dumb’ one.

This thread is an idea I have had where we can catalogue all the conspiracies the conspiratard set dreams up, follow their progress and eventually put them to rest.

Conspiracy theorists are one of the single greatest scourges on our planet (I think they have blood on their hands for all the recent terror attacks perpetrated by so called white nationalists) and I think it is time those of sane mind gently remind them how fucking stupid they are.

Lets start with this one.

'member the Soros funded migrant caravan, racing north to fill sanctuary cities with left leaning voters.

how is that working?

feel free to add more.


Trump is a Russian puppet and colluded with Putin to win the 2016 election.


Obama never colluded with the FBI to derail Trump’s campaign.


Obama never authorized the IRS to target conservative taxpayers.


Pollution in Taichung is getting better


Hillary Clinton never accepted questions in advance from CNN in her debates with the Bern.

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Are we really going there again?! :ponder:


I’m not going there again until the air improves.


Do they also have blood on their hand for all the other terrorist atrocities ? Or just the ones committed by white supremacists ?


great question.

the money that has been made riling up white people into a tizzy over perceived attempts to destroy ‘their way of life’ has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Right wing media used to be just Fox, it was laughable, and cute, and something your bitter uncle watched because he hated the Clintons.

NOW? Its pointed, specific, and much more full of shit (Fox at least maintains solid newspeople to counter balance the Hannitys and Judge Cuntys), and also full of hate.

The more easily influenced people can get lost for days in internet deep dives with nonsense about why things are the way they are.

The Christchurch guy, classic example.

How we go about blaming them, that I am not sure, but if you think someone who has a steady diet of a certain kind of information isn’t coming out a bit bent, then you are diluting yourself.

But yeah, Liberal Media, so its all the same.:unamused:


thinks ‘collusion’ is a term with legal repercussions.



Certain Democrats seem to think Trump should be tried for treason.

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remember when Clinton had that little financial mess with the Chinese donors who wanted influence over the next choice for ambassador to China?

take that and multiply by 10 to the power of 10.

Trump’s books are full of Russian money, if he acted in any way to help benefit them they have a case. Bill took the money, never gave them what they wanted, lets see what Don did. Judging by how many of his colleagues have been caged, I am guessing its gross.


I’m a fan of SciMan Dan, who does YouTube videos debunking Flat Earth theorists and other people like that. There’s usually a conspiracy involved, since NASA etc. obviously don’t want you to know the truth.


thanks for non left/right post.

Big Pharma don’t want cures, man, they want to bleed money from everyone as they die.

Bush knocked down the towers.

Hillary ran a child porn ring from the basement of a pizza parlour (what, no basement?).

Sandy Hook was a false flag (every gun incident is a false flag).

Too many people believe this tripe.


I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. Your brain apparently needs all the oxygen it can get.

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so Trump has never been financed by Russian interests?

kewl starry brah!


He’s also in hock to Deutsche Bank. OMG, maybe he’s Merkel’s puppet! Sounds like you’re trying to spin conspiracy theories here. :wink:


Paul is dead


false equivalencies are the red headed stepchild of conspiracies, you know this all too well.

Fox = CNN, ammirite?