Keep a bank account in Taiwan without residence permit



I would like to know if you can keep your bank account in Taiwan if you are no longer resident (and thus no longer have ARC) ?
If so, for how long ?



Yes, Forever.


Yes, you can keep it and as long as you have your ATM card, you should be fine depositing/withdrawing money.

I had a open bank account after my ARC expired, the account was and is still active. I just couldn’t wire or transfer any money, basically stuck with the ATM. This was just my experience though.


Thanks but no transfer would be a serious problem. I imagine that a bank cannot keep your money for ever.
At some point I will need to transfer my money abroad to another account which cannot be done thru ATM. I suppose there is a way to do that ?


I imagine that a bank cannot keep your money for ever. Of course they can haha




… unless they lose it when going bankrupt!

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What would happen if you lost your card? I’d imagine it would be a very painful experience…


Your money will be always there unless you close your account. Do you have any other questions? Because we don’t know if you still want to remain in Taiwan for a long period. Nothing happens to your account. You will only find difficulties if you get deported. To get your money back, you will probably hire a power of attorney and contact the Embassy later. It costs a lot.


What if I lose my debit card. Will they issue me a new one even tho I no longer hold an ARC?


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Ask to the bank, bro! I don’t know if he loses ARC, his status will become illegal or he can change to another visa status. It is better to remain legally. I have a bank account in USA and I am not even an American citizen. You can open an account with your passport. But, I have never been illegal in USA. I traveled there many times with tourist visa. I normally don’t keep too much money in countries that I don’t have the residency. I only keep some because I need it when I visit my sister. If he loses his debit card, and the bank asks for his ARC to issue another one. OMG, he will probably need to visit the immigration office or his country’s embassy. It is a lot of headache.


Ask them.

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One of my aunts works in a bank in Taiwan. Maybe I can ask her. I haven’t spoken to her for almost a year. She works in Mortgage department. I am not sure if she knows about ARC because it is another department. But, I will try to ask her.


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Lake Tahoe and Vegas.

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Lake Tahoe and Vegas. You?


Thanks, no I shall leave Taiwan.
I just want to leave the money here for the time being as it would be more convenient and TT (ATM is not an option) to my next country when ever I want .
Yes shall ask the bank but this kind of questions are often complicated for banks here, just thought some of you may know the answer.

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The ones you cited, only Seattle.

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