Israel? Support or condemn?


So there are two views you see on the news on Israel.


Support or condemn?

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It would be easier to support Israel if they didn’t randomly bomb neighboring countries every now and then based on:“We heard there were some terrorists / they threw some rocks at us”.

It would be easier to support Palestine if it wasn’t controlled by terrorist organizations that consider “Kill the Jews” to be a goal.

Both sides have spent several years making sure that most people’s opinion will be:“I support X…but…”. If I had to pick a side right now it would be Israel, but it’s like a 51/49, Benji is an asshole.

On a side note: I believe most people working at PragerU are jewish, all their videos about israel feel like infomercials. Two or three weeks they argued that the 38 billion dollars the US gave to israel to boost its army weren’t only necessary, but not enough! Gotta give more, you antisemites!!1


It’s certainly easy enough to find plenty to criticize both sides. However, I find it impossible to pretend that they are morally equal in any way.

What would happen if either side had absolute power of the situation? What if either side got ‘their way’ and were able to make and enforce the rules in the manner they saw fit? Israel is nearer to being in this situation currently through their vast military advantage. If Israel wanted to kill ever person in Gaza, they would be internationally condemned but nobody could or would stop them. Furthermore, Muslims live in Israel under a constitution that guarantees freedom of religion.

However, what if Palestine were setting the rules? What if instead of absolute power, they simply were in the position that Israel currently sits in? Would they demonstrate the same kind of restraint? Would they be fine with Jews living and working next door to them, simply going about their business? No reasonable person is going to make this claim based on the history of the region.


Another perspective about the situation there


Support!!! You don`t mess with Israel!



I would add
there are plenty of Jews who disapprove of what Israel is doing right now. Especially those settlements in the West Bank.


Palestinians keep re electing Hamas in the hardliners have been in power in Israel forever. This is like the most depressing situation in the world.


True that.

A few months ago I watched a video of one of those jews who are100% pro israel no matter what, and his position on the west bank was that it’s no biggie because israelis already live there and what they’re essentially doing is just building an extra room or two or a toilet in their houses.

I wish I could remember who it was,I’d bet someone from praeger U but i really can’t remember where I’ve watched that clip.


If it weren’t such an interconnected world, I’d say stay out of other peoples’ fights. That option ended with the development of long range missiles. Now I say squash the lunatics over there before they get much closer to wherever you happen to live.

Support the lesser evil, or you’ll get the greater one. All the Israelis I’ve ever met seem like very sane and reasonable people doing what they must to survive. The Palestinians come off as screaming yahoos. I know which way I’d bet.

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which is the lesser of 2 evils? Sunni or Shia?
i pick the latter


Support. It’s still a democracy, albeit one that has done some awful things, but it’s nothing compared to what their neighbours do. (IE: Punishment for renouncing Islam).

EDIT: Or this

Shoulda told the west and Trudeau this one when they decided to abandon Taiwan.

Well… at least they aren’t coming off as…Netanyahoos!

…I’ll see myself out…


If Israel’s existence is threatened, US should come to her aid. But that we support them regardless of what they do, even things we tell them not to, is a recipe for reckless behavior.

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Frankly I’m not sure the US is in a position to dictate to Israel what it can or cannot do for its own national security.

There is no doubt what Israel’s neighbors would do with Jewish Israelis if Israel’s borders were softened in any significant way. Already Israel’s neighbors take any opportunity to murder Israelies, even if severe retaliation is known to come as a result. There would be no Israel if Israel did not take a hard-nosed approach to its survival.

And Israel has arguably had a foreign policy more stable than that of the US for the past 60 years.


US wants peace. Building illegal settlements in the west bank makes two state solution impossible.



However, I’m not willing to withhold support for Israel in order to support our American idea of peace in the ME.

A known shortcoming of US foreign policy is its short-sightedness, especially our willingness to subject the national security of other nations to the outcomes of our own domestic squabbles.


Not just a little bit with the support given?


We do dictate some things now to Israel. Israel is not free to resell certain arms the US sells them, and is contractually bound to buy certain other arms from us.

We also have influence over Israeli foreign policy. Where I draw the line is when we dictate what actions Israel can take with regard to a 2-state solution in order to resolve or smooth over US domestic policy.


They are the only country allowed to use defense aid to buy their own weapons instead of just American ones. Why?


I have heard of similar stories of Palestinians doing this. I’ve also heard soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan seeing people use their kids to fight and be martyred. It’s pretty shocking seeing it on video.


It’s truly terrible. I’m sure , like most places , most Palestinians just want a peaceful life…idiots like this Father just emphasize the fact that it’s hard to negotiate anything with fanatics (on either side). There is little hope of peace it seems.