Drug "rehab" sentence


I’ve got a friend who smoked pot last summer and got caught. Now, she just received a sentence to go to rehab, then her lawyer appealed, but it was denied.

The odd part of this is that in the appeal denial decision they wrote how they were doing this to help her. She had not touched MJ since that time so I’m not sure what they will rehab. She was sentenced 9 months after she was caught.

It says the maximum time is 60 days but there are opportunities for early release based on the doctor’s reports. Does anyone have any experience or tips to share?

My friend is scared shitless as she has never been in a jail and there is very little information about what to expect. I’m afraid this fear will take over her and then they’ll think she is an addict!

Thanks in advance.


They will rehab her “addiction” towards weed. I know, stupid for weed. But Taiwan looks at weed the same as cocaine,meth and heroin basically. Probably do group therapy where they talk and write journals and “home work” self reflecting. I don’t think it’s a jail. More like a mental institution she can’t leave orderd by the judge. It’s not too bad from what i understand.


There should be a tread somewhere about a couple that went through the ‘rehab’ some years ago.

rehab link


It’s a rehab not a jail. More like a secure clean living center. She didn’t get sentence over a,year so it won’t affect her APRC if she has one. It involves waking up early, doing early exercise, attending lectures, discussions and some chores. She’ll be let out early if she just agrees with what they say.
on probation if shes staying here.

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You get that first-hand? Everything I’ve heard suggests it’s basically jail. I hope you’re right, to be clear.


That couples experience definitely sounded like they went to jail.
Might have changed ?

Don’t know why people smoke pot in Taiwan.


Ok. I asked my buddy from the when I did conscription that went.

I apologize, I need to correct the information.

It is indeed like jail. For the first month for him, you can’t leave your room. And you do 5 hours of force meditation in your room. You are in there with 10 or so other people.

2nd month you get a moved to a more relaxed room. 2 hours of meditation a day. You have classes you go to.

Only blood relatives may visit. Hope she doesn’t smoke as that’s limited.

Food is terrible, you have to wake up early around 6 and light out around 10.