Do you still go to movie theaters? Tell me about the last movie you watched in the movie theaters


A lot of people enjoy watching in Netflix. But, I really enjoy movie theaters. I like to watch movies at home. But, I really like the feeling in a dark room and watching with many people in a big panoramic cinema. The last movie I watched wasn’t “Avengers”. But, it was “The curse of La Llorona.”



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Yes. I can do without the “many people,” but I like watching movies on the big screen.

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I am afraid when the movie theater is empty. ha


You should be more scared of the people. :sunglasses:

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It was better when we could take pao mien and fried chicken in the theatre, but I still enjoy the really big screen experience.


It makes sense :slight_smile:


I still do that. Is that not recommended?


It is hard to keep the theaters clean if people bring these foods. I know some people will be very careful. But, not every person is nice. I still find cups left on the seats. It doesn’t cost to throw them in the recycle bins. People prefer to leave them in the theaters.


Do you care?


Honestly, no. I like having some food with my beer and there’s a Tingkuakua Chicken and Burger King right next door.

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Movies were made to be watched on a big screen. There’s something about watching emotions wash over a thirty-foot tall face that’s magic.

But I haven’t been to one since (I think) Avatar ten years ago. Cineplex’s are a logistical hassle, too many cell phones, too many people who yak, food’s overpriced. The pace of modern life is too fast, too, so you have people who probably don’t even have jobs yet insist the plot move faster or they’re bored and make noise.

When I was a kid drive-in theaters were my favorite. I like to set up a smaller big screen outside, invite friends over, and project a double feature. You don’t get Dolby Atmos sound, but watching movies under the stars is a part of seeing thirty-foot tall faces imo.


Wow, ditto.

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Unfortunately, mosquitoes would make this impossible in Taiwan.


True, but on the flip side Taiwan’s warm enough in the winter that watching outside is still possible.


I like that there’s no rules on bringing in outside snacks in Taiwan. Last movie I watch in a theater was ‘it’. I was the only person in there.

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I’ve heard in some countries. Cinemark offers churros, chicken sandwiches, etc.


I feel like I’ve had a churro here before while watching a movie.


I wish they could sell “Smiley Fries”. I don’t like “French Fries” or “potato chips”. But, I love smiley fries.


Never saw people selling churros in Taiwan. I barely hear people saying about them in Taiwan. Well, I am not sure.