Barr Assigns U.S. Attorney in Connecticut to Review Origins of Russia Inquiry


This one could be interesting, add this to the list of inquiries going on.


I want to see a precise timeline of events in this probe.

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The timeline is going to be a bit confusing, working back the FBI were the useful idiots last to the party in June 2016.

The CIA was doing political interference, at least in beginning of 2015, most likely years ahead of that. With the co-operation of friendly states.

The scandal is much bigger than Trump, which is why I think Durham will prune rather than uproot.



Weren’t the “unmaskings” Obama’s team was performing leading into the election, which were designed to identify and capture Trump team communications happening possibly as far back as 2015?


John Batchelor, who I hold in good regard had a few guests discussing Durham. Everybody agreed that he was a “heavyweight investigator of investigators”.

They did question if the media and democrats will be coming at him to give him the “Barr treatment” but as he won’t be holding press conferences and doing interviews on talk shows, it will be harder to find clips that agitate people.

They said he is really, really, really well respected and people inside probably won’t leak on him initially.


Not possibly for 2015, we know that for sure. There was a 99 page FISA court ruling slamming the use of outside contractors routinely accessing the NSA database without authorization which covered 2015, it also suggested it could go back as far as 2012. But didn’t audit for that period.


You know that scene in the Dark Knight when the Joker broke a pool cue and let the guys figure out who is walking out of the room?

This reminds me of that.


Timeline pertaining to FISA Events and Admiral Rogers