Alabama passes bill banning abortion


America is trying hard to make Taiwan appear progressive.


They’re pushing for a Roe vs Wade challenge. We’ll see how it turns out


It’s embarrassing that anyone would want to challenge that in 2019.

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I don’t think the federal gov should legalize or ban abortions. Should be a state issue.

I see the whole it was men who drafted this bill rhetoric. Guess what, women have equal ability to vote and their vote count just as much. These were the people elected democratically to represent the will of their constituents consisting of men and women. in the state of Alabama. And I saw polls show the majority of state in favor and the majority of women in Alabama were also in favor. It seems those law makers did their job in terms of representing their constituents.


It’s not, it’s partly an issue of if the constitution allows the federal gov to get involved with abortion. And states rights which is a important political set up in the US. This will allow states to make their own laws on abortions. And I’m sure many would have very loose laws and many will have very strict laws with other states in between.

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If Roe were overturned it would not mean that abortion would be illegal in the USA. Thanks to state laws women would still have access to high-quality, safe ways to surgically eliminate any human growing within them.

And if Roe were overturned it would probably mark an end to the culture wars in the US. I don’t think it’s possible to overstate how deeply Roe cleaved America. The old European ideals about the sanctity of life grew very deep roots in the US, largely due to our German immigrants.

Roe was and is simply an attempt to outflank a new Federal law legalizing abortion and avoid what would surely prove to be an enormous expenditure of political capital. Opponents of abortion - especially the descendants of those German immigrants, but many Latin immigrants as well - would certainly see to that.

Roe represents a gaping, bloody, smoking hole in the US Constitution imo.

If you ask me, let the healing begin. Overturning Roe would probably be very good medicine.

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Abortion isn’t even a controversial issue in modern DACH. Isn’t that funny.

If Roe v. Wade is overturned America is a lost cause


No, it would simply shift this from a federal issue to a state issue. Each state can make their own laws and fund or not fund whatever programs for it. It would probably resolve this issue better if it was handled on the state level like many of the divisive issues in the US.

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If certain states would BAN abortion then the federal government should do its job for the women in those states, which it did, unfortunately America is sliding backwards.



At any rate, steel yourself. Support for Roe has receded almost since the ruling, and the ruling itself has been continuously whittled back. It’s the number one driving force behind movement conservatism, and in fact birthed movement conservatism.

It’s just a matter of time before Roe is overturned.


If it gets banned in one state then it just forces women to travel for abortions to another state though


You misunderstand US law, then.

The Federal government has passed no law guaranteeing a citizen’s right to an abortion. There’s a SCOTUS ruling, but it’s not law.


But i don’t think the constitution gives the federal gov that right or job to do. That’s what will be up for debate if this goes the way it looks like it will.

This really is a win for everyone imo. You can make any laws allowed by your state constitution. Some states and people who want to have the most extreme open abortion laws will get to do so. Some who don’t want it will get to do so.


So? It does not make that travel illegal, nor would it make the abortion received there illegal.

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Ok, so what’s the issue? Isn’t this a win win? Sounds like freedom to me. Everyone is more free to do what they want when the fed government gets less involved.

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I wonder what people think when the US Senate grills a SCOTUS nominee on Roe v Wade.

They always ask them if they support a woman’s right to an abortion, and (more highly couched languged) if they would vote to overturn Roe. The nominee always answers yes and no, respectively.

But the fact remains that the US Congress has not done it’s job - there is no law guaranteeing a right to an abortion. What you see is a kabuki attempt to prop up a SCOTUS ruling. It’s just an attempt to gauge whether the nominee is willing to keep up the legal charade.

But again, Congress has punted to the Judicial on this issue. It’s a straw house, make no mistake.


Yea, thats the point I was making

The issue is that banning abortion, what does it actually accomplish? Other than making abortion more costly and stressful for women?


Accomplishes what people want from all levels of reasoning. Some people might say it prevents forcing doctors to have to do the procedure, some people want it for moral reasons, some think abortion is murder.

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I think the bill they’re trying to pass in Georgia does this (I’m not sure if it passed yet)


Nah, just the start of the battle. We won’t stay in the dark ages forever