2020 USA Presidential Elections Latest


Oh well , HRC officially out, but expected I guess. I worry more about a newcomer , than the current candidates… E.G. Oprah or Mrs. Obama , who may appeal to a wider base.


Who’s in the #yanggang ?


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Yang …everyone gets 1000 usd income ?

Here is the full list so far.


Robots are going to take our jobs, so the yang gang is going to give everyone who is 18+ 1000 buckaroos per month so we don’t end up killing ourselves by overdosing on prescription drugs.

No gf
Robot took my job
I’m a white man
Time to kill mys…

Oh wait, this dude running for president will give me 1000$ a month. Life is worth living!

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Whoa, you can buy a lot of fentanyl for a thousand bucks! Wait…


Please don’t tell yang that…


Personally, I found the Alex Jones interview a little more grounded in reality. :sunglasses:


Once I get my 1000$ freedom lovers divided from Yang, it will be nothing but karfentanil IV drips and infowars podcast all day long.

I’m going to speak to a machine elf and solve the cross-strait issue.


I wonder if Chinese poltician Yeo Bee Yin could run with him ?

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Will Mark Cuban run? I hope so. It would be interesting.

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Not a fan of Yang’s $1000 pay out as a solution, however he has a point in identifying a problem.

Traditional capitalism assumes large corporations has to employ lots of people to be competitive and profitable. So if the companies would take care of its employees, most people capable of work would have an above subsistence living.

However, these days more and more automation makes it so that the less people they hire, the more wealth they accumulate. So in a way, if the government isn’t there to level the playing field, large corporations would control most of the financial resources leaving lots of people out of a job.

At the present, we are talking about robocalls so real you won’t be able to tell the difference, and the act of designing automation being automated itself. We are truly living in a post Turing test era.

Somethings should be done to compensate, just don’t think giving out money is the solution.

That being said, he is a Taiwanese American, so proud that he’s trying.

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I think Yang explained himself very well in this interview.

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Too bad he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected. Even if he makes it to the debates, he’ll just end up being Bernied.


Any person can be made to look like any ethnicity with neural networks these days.

Check out this paper that can gradually turn Trump into Hilary, while turning a frown into a smile, all the while looking like a real and believable person every step of the way.

Exploring Disentangled Feature Representation Beyond Face Identification

It’s made by the same people implementing China’s social credit surveillance system…

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